Promoting Positive Change

In every situation there is hope.  Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, in the form of a difficult situation or a personal challenge, you may need additional tools to help you cope with and/or to overcome the difficulty.  If you are struggling with family or personal challenges and need therapeutic support, Ho`olilo Counseling LLC can help. 

Ho’olilo means “to change” or “transform” in Hawaiian.  Through clinical counseling services for a range of areas including, but not limited to anxiety, PTSD, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorder, ADHD/ADD, behavioral challenges, Autism, relationships, couples and family challenges you may discover the potential within.  Faith-based counseling is also available. 

Individual or group clinical supervision for MSWs and MCPs pursuing their clinical licensure is also provided.  Additional services include specialized trainings for churches and organizations, and facilitation of group psychoeducational classes on various mental health issues and other topics (e.g. parenting, child abuse/neglect, therapeutic foster care, MAB (Managing Aggressive Behavior), domestic violence, sexual abuse, impact of trauma, stress management, anger management and coping skills, etc…).  Service as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) therapist is also available.  Currently, the services are provided by Pamela Silva, LCSW, QCSW.

Pamela Silva is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Qualified Clinical Social Worker with years of experience in various mental health and human service agencies.  Ho`olilo accepts most insurance plans.  New patients are being accepted and sessions are scheduled by appointment only.  You may learn more about Pam from this website.  Please email or call her with any questions. 

CONTACT ME:                                              

Phone: (808) 292-0885
Fax: (808) 671-8855
Email: pam@hoolilocounseling.com

Please allow at least one business day to respond to a text, voice message or email.